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    Retaining walls in South Adelaide

    Southern Coast Fencing in the south of Adelaide specialises in great retaining walls, plus a whole range of fencing solutions:

    • Fencing and gates
    • Post and rail fencing
    • Good neighbour fencing
    • Tubular fencing
    • Timber paling fencing
    • Hardwood timber slat fencing
    • Rendered wall fencing
    • Chain-wire fencing
    • Custom-made gates
    • Lattice work

      For a professional quality fencing project or retaining wall in South Adelaide, Southern Coast Fencing is the specialist for you. With over 25 years in the industry, we have plenty of experience to draw on. No job is too big or too small, and we strive to achieve superior results every time.

      Privacy and security

      Installing a fence can be an inexpensive way of providing your family or business with much needed privacy and security. Our fence installations can be used to replace or repair an existing fence, ensuring premium safety, privacy, and protection for a reasonable amount of money.

      Quality products

      For great retaining walls and so much more, Southern Coast Fencing has everything you need. Servicing the south of Adelaide, we offer a huge range of fencing products and services. Aluminium, barbed wire, concrete, hardwood, Jarrah, metal, and wood are just some of the options available. There's even sheet metal fencing, too. You'll find various types and styles of fences to suit your environment, needs, budget and design.

      Professional services

      For quality retaining walls and fencing products and services in the south of Adelaide, call Glyn at Southern Coast Fencing today. We provide whole range of affordable options available, and a commitment to exceptional service every step of the way.

      Call Southern Coast Fencing today on 0418 394 227 to arrange a free quote.

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